Garage Door and Gates Repair Hamden CT

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Your garage door is oftentimes the first object that people see when they look at your house, and is usually the largest single part of your house’s exterior. Residential garage doors can be broken down into two fundamental categories: custom/semi-custom doors, and factory built Garage doors.

Unique and semi-custom garage doors are normally made out of wood, come in a limitless range of sizes and styles, and normally need staining or painting. These doors will go far to improve the look of your home, and can match any style of architecture. Unique and semi-custom garage doors can be a bit more expensive because they are custom-built to enhance each home. Factory-built garage doors are purchasable in wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum and wood composite. These doors come in a broad range of styles and colors, and are cheaper because they are available in standard styles that can be ordered quickly from the manufacturer.

Steel garage doors have taken over wood as the most popular, due to their endurance, low maintenance requirements, and bargain pricing. Steel garage doors come in plain steel, steel backed by insulation, or two sheets of steel sandwiching a layer of insulation. This final type presents the highest level of insulation accessible in any garage door.

These garage doors tend to be prefered by people with a penchant for the finer things in life – who desire the added touch that a solid wood door would contribute to their home. Wood garage doors are more fragile, and thus require more maintenance than their steel counterparts. The distinction of wood will add class to any home, and are especially good for ranch style houses. The wood garage doors are available in a natural finish or a variety of stains, and are hand-crafted, so they are accessible in all shapes or sizes- you could even form your own unique door or select from our extensive selection of designs to increase your home’s architecture.

Vinyl garage doors have an inclination to be tough, dent-resistant, and require low maintenance. Vinyl is itself an insulator, and the material is lightweight, making this type of garage door the most silent to open and close.

Apart from garage door services such as installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance, Garage Doors Hamden can also help you if you want to buy a new garage door. Our garage door repair and service company in Hamden is a local company that sells garage doors and parts at cheap prices. Garage Doors Hamden can even provide their services on the same day you call for assistance. We are a company that has wide experience in offering different types of services related to garage doors. Call Garage Doors Hamden any time and professional technicians are glad to provide you relief in order to find the best fixes for your garage door. Our company can help you any time with a quick solution.

Garage Door Repair and Install Hamden CT

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