Stamford Gate Repair and Installation 90017

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Stamford Garage Doors California is devoted to providing top quality installation, repair and sales of home and business garage doors, garage door openers, and iron fences and gates.

With over 30 years experience in the business our techs provide the whole garage door and powered gate service; from order to installation and after sales to maintenance we assure the highest value work at rational prices.

We’re a family unit run company, established because we thought there was an improved service to be provided. From our suppliers and their products to our skilled staff and their determination to leave every customer 100% satisfied we make sure every feature of our company meets the high standards we would anticipate ourselves.

Our qualified staff is committed to providing help and support to meet your exact wants. Whether it’s a quality custom made garage door, installation, garage door service or preservation, automatic garage door openers, gate install, auto gate openers, or auto lift garage doors we’re experts in the field.

Stamford Garage Door Repair 90017

Los Angeles, CA 90017

(323) 657-1819

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